Key Features

X-Static - the ultimate fabric solution to body odour.

Even after exhaustive wear, this truly innovative product continues to prevent odours.  But how does it work?

X-Static - The Silver Fibre, has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fibre, generally containing about 15% pure silver.

Our sophisticated manufacturing process means the fibre, with its silver layer, retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics.

And X-Static's odour-preventing properties last for the lifetime of the garment. Silver is permanently and irreversibly bound to the surface of a fibre to create X-Static.

The product has been exhaustively tested for more than 250 washes with virtually no reduction in performance - in fact, the wash testing was stopped only after the garment fell apart!

Whilst X-Static is an anti-microbial solution, it is also a high-tech fibre system that is uniquely suited to provide the following key features:

  • Anti-microbial - eliminating odour-causing bacteria and athlete's foot fungus.

  • All natural - totally safe and non-toxic, containing no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever.

  • Heat transfer properties - cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  • Anti-static - silver has the highest electrical conductivity rating of any element. Just a small quantity of X-Static in apparel or socks will instantly dissipate tribo-electric charges, meaning static-free comfortable products.

And X-Static is therapeutic.  With its conductive properties, the fibre system has many health and circulatory benefits.

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